What’s It All About?

If you’ve found this page then I’m guessing you’ve got an idea what the site is all about, but let me provide some more detail here:

What are we doing?
The team from Mirus have decided to play a game of 5 A side football, what makes this slightly different is we want to set the new world record for the longest game of 5 A Side football. At the time of writing this it’s held by a team in Ireland at over 50 hours.. We’re aiming for 72 hours!

Mirus are working with the MK Community Foundation and we want to do something really special to help raise funds to support the work the Community Foundation do.

We’ve got a “warm-up” game on the 22nd of November 2013, the game will last 24 hours, this will give the team an understanding of what they’ll face when we go on to complete the actual attempt.

The main event will start on the 18th of April 2014 and will continue through for 3 days, if we’re still feeling fit (unlikely)we’ll keep going until we can’t play anymore

Milton Keynes college have been great throughout the process so far and have given us access to their Courtside facility for our warm up game in November and also for the main event in April 2014.

Stay updated via twitter @mirusworldrec

To get involved and help contact paul.tomlinson@mirus-it.com

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